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Laser - precision in manufacturing components for touchless car wash

We produce:
Rotary wash arms - Containers brush - holders mats car wash - probably the biggest passion in Poland.

Serial production according to your design
Send us the detail technical design or device. Qualified engineers and designers develop its implementation, operators and technicians configure the machine and produce according to your expectations.

We guarantee high precision, accuracy and repeatability in mass production, thanks to modern machinery. Use technologies laser 2D, 3D and precision CNC bender. We employ experienced designers in the most popular programs of vector 2D and 3D CNC programming as well as those who implement the production of the most difficult projects. We guarantee high accuracy and repeatability of components.

For whom already we produce?
Became a permanent and long-term clients include: Wash Service, Abox, AdBud, Eco Wash, Ekoluk, imido, Wash Casino, Myjsam, Auto Clean.
We cooperate with 15 companies specialized in the production of touchless car washes.

What can we do for you?
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7 lat doświadczenia
7 years experience in the industry
Stryjek company is a place where especially care about punctuality and reliability performance of each order: either as a single component and large series. Components manufactured by us are installed in the best non-contact car wash in Poland.
60 ton stali INOX rocznie
60 tons of stainless steel per year
Steel, in which they specialize, a nickel-chrome alloys, or stainless steel (INOX). For projects consume a month from 3 to 5 tons of stainless steel. The result is the production of hundreds of swivel arms for touchless car wash and other complementary components, made in premium quality. We guarantee high accuracy and repeatability of manufactured components.
100% polski kapitał
100% Polish capital and production since 2016.
Stryjek The company was founded in 2016 in Jaslo. Since then dynamically we develop and improve production by using modern technologies. We have created an excellent and well-coordinated team of technicians, engineers, CNC machine operators, who will carry out your passion project.
wieloletnia gwarancja
Long-term guarantee and premium quality
Due to the compact dimensions products, high quality welds in the material usually 1.5 mm, we focus on details and finishing products made correct. They are characterized by high reliability and does not provide the long-term guarantee.
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